Digital Literacy Assessment Intake - Community

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Tell Your Stories - Your input will be used to help identify ways that the state can do a better job of serving the community as well as what they should keep doing.

Please tell us about the ways you use the internet in your daily life. If you can, list all of the different ways you use the internet on a daily basis.
For example, computer at home or work, public computer, cellular phone, tablet, or other device.  Are there enough devices in your home to meet everyone's needs?
For example, do you have easy access to a strong signal at home? Do you have the devices that you need? Do the devices you have work properly (are they old, broken, etc)?
For example, for work, school, family life, entertainment or other.
For example, do you rely on a friend or family member to assist you? Do you search for the answer yourself? Do you get help at school, work or from anywhere else?
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